Video and Sleep EEG

Video and Sleep EEG


            *What is a Video EEG test?

              VEEG is a test that adds audio/video monitoring to routine EEG.It can be done during sleep for long-term monitoring.

               VEEG uses a camera that captures the patient’s physical activity in real-time and synchronizes it with the electrical activity monitored by the electrodes.

            *What are the uses of V.EEG?

               Having a video evidence of the seizure provides the physician with confidence to start treatment.

               VEEG is used to detect the exact moment of an epileptic activity and provides a better understanding of the seizures
               as well as infrequent interictal activity that may be missed on routine EEG.

VEEG at NeuroMed

               NeuroMed provides a state-of-the-art VEEG unit with highly advanced equipment and trained personnel.

               Available at Heliopolis, New Cairo and Maadi.                                                    


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