Children cognitive and mental skills

Children cognitive and mental skills

What are Cognitive and Mental Skills?

You need your child to be able to concentrate and remember important details. Too many things like homework assignments and following multi-step directions are falling through the cracks and you’re starting to wonder if there’s a way to improve their memory and logical, everyday thinking.
The thing is, you’ve tried multiple times to help with your child’s attention span and focus, but nothing has worked so far. You’re ready to find something that will finally work.

The Cognitive & Memory Training Program at Sensory Stepping Stones

The Cognitive & Memory Training Program is a process of exercising the brain and is designed to enhance your child’s ability to process and learn through the stimulation of their nervous system.
On completing this program, your child will
·    improve thinking and processing skills
·    develop stronger reasoning skills and a better memory
·    experience quicker hand-eye coordination
·    feel more capable of remembering tasks and details
·    build skills to regulate emotions
·    express more self-confidence.

The Cognitive & Memory Training Process

We will meet together 30 – 40 times to complete individual Cognitive & Memory Training sessions. Each session lasts between 45 and 60 minutes and takes place at least two times per week. There are over 50 multi-level programs offered through this training based on where the person is and their growth.
However, Cognitive & Memory Training is most typically offered as part of a larger package of programs such as the Sensory Learning Program, AND Interactive Metronome.

Who is Cognitive & Memory Training for?

Although Cognitive & Memory Training works for people of all ages who have a variety of conditions affecting their cognitive or physical abilities, it is uniquely designed to ensure your child recognizes their progress as it is occurring, increasing his motivation toward therapy and their ultimate recovery or gains in ability.
The Cognitive & Memory Training Program can also be used with children without a specific diagnosis to tune their distractions and better control their emotions.

Cognitive & Memory Training Tests and Therapy at NEUROMED

At NEUROMED, we promise you real and better results, and to do that, our doctors depend on reliable tests, brain training interventions, and well-formulated strategies:
·    IQ test: An intelligence quotient (IQ) is a total score calculated from a set of standardized tests designed to assess human intelligence. Some test items are visual, while many are verbal. Test items vary from being based on abstract-reasoning problems to concentrating on arithmetic, vocabulary, or general knowledge.
·    CBT: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is used in the treatment of children and adolescents to teach them to challenge negative thoughts that lead to maladjusted behaviors, to promote a more constructive mental attitude for intelligence augmentation, and to enhance their IQ performance.