*What is Actigraphy?

                   Actigraphy is method of monitoring sleep/wakefulness patterns.

                   A small device that looks like a wrist watch is worn by the patient for up to a week. The sleep actigraph collects data
                   about the circadian rhythm and body movements.

                    The data is analyzed and processed on a computer in order to detect any disorder.

                *What are the uses Actigraphy?

                   Although polysomnography is the gold standard for studying sleep disorders, actigraphy can be very helpful in assessing the sleep patterns for extended                                 durations without altering the patient’s daily routine.

                  It can be used to detect insomnia, restless leg syndrome and evaluating the effectiveness of sleep disorders’ treatment.


Actigraphy at NeuroMed

                NeuroMed is a premium sleep medicine center and has earned an excellent reputation for the quality of the sleep studies performed by our experts.

                Available at Heliopolis, New Cairo and Maadi.                                                                                                    

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