Chest and Respiratory Medicine

Chest and Respiratory Medicine

The chest clinic at neuromed and respiratory lab are staffed by Consultants (one with additional responsibilities in intensive care), Specialist Registrars, Specialist Nurses, Physiotherapists, Respiratory Physiologists, Clinic Nurse, Health Care Assistants and a range of administration and secretarial staff.

Chest clinic:

  • General respiratory outpatient and in patient care

  • Sleep service

  • TB clinic

  • Lung cancer

  • Diagnostic bronchoscopy service

  • Pleural effusion clinic

  • Oxygen clinic

Respiratory lab:

  • Spirometry

  • Full lung volumes and gas transfer

  • Reversibility testing

  • Nebuliser assessment and loan service

  • Oxygen therapy assessment

  • Exercise testing

  • Sleep studies

  • Methacholine challenge testing

  • Fitness to fly assessment -private patients only

  • Skin prick allergy tests

  • Mouth pressure (for respiratory muscle strength)

Chest and Respiratory Medicine Tests at Neuromed
● Sleep study (
● CPAP or BiPAP titration (
Chest and Respiratory Medicine Doctors at Neuromed
Neuromed prides itself of having within its staff one of the best chest and respiratory medicine
doctors in Egypt:
Dr. Maha Youssef